XACT Balance Led-Free Wheel Weights Starter Kit

$66.92 / Each

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XACT Balance Led-Free Wheel Weights Starter Kit

  • 5 Sizes, 30 Pieces, in Plastic Tray DI80106.
  • Includes 10 Weights in Most Popular 1/2 Oz Size, 5 Each in 1/4 Oz – 1.25 Oz. Sizes.  [See Notes.]
  • XACT Balance Wheel Weights are Lead-Free & Contain Unique Dynamic Particles, in a Thermoplastic Shell, That Move & Adjust for Superior Balance While Tires are in Motion. They Reduce Vbration 40-60% More Than Standard Wheel Weights.
  • Weights are Available in 12 Sizes, 1/4 Oz to 3 Oz. (Also Sold Individually, 25 Per Box). Weights Attach With Re-Positional Tape. This Kit Allows You to sSample the Technology Without a Large Cost Commitment.
  • Contains 10 of  PPWXB050, 5 each of PPWXB025, PPWXB075, PPWXB100, PPWXB125. [No Refill.]

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