Terminal Assortment with Crimping Tool

$98.58 / Each

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Item number: AV6202
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Terminal Assortment with Crimping Tool. 20 Sizes, 330 Pieces, & Tool in Metal Tray DMADL2GR

Includes Tool, Butt Connectors, Scotchlock, Ring & Spade Tongues.

Contains TTA245X, TTB231X, TTC246X, DC800735, TTB279X, TTA22110X, TTA22214X, TTB21838X, TTB22514X, TTB23910X, TTC20176X, TTC22810X, TTC23014X, TTC24056X, TTA23510X, TTB22710X, TTC24110X, TTMCT2X, TTBB2141, 3M6126, AW18505P. (No refill.)