3M Value Pack

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Item number: 3M8999

3M Value Pack

  • 8875 3M White Grease (10.5 Oz. Aerosol)
  • Part Number 08987 Aerosol has a VOC Content of 738 Grams Per Liter
  • 16 lbs Per Gallon 
  • Local Air Quality Regulations May Regulate or Prohibit the Use of Surface Preparation and Cleanup Materials Based on VOC Content
  • Consult Your Local Air Quality Regulations

Duct Tape (6975) Heavy-Duty Cloth Duct Tape With Tack-Free Edges. Used Specifically for Patching, Bundling, Sealing and Temporary Repair. 3M
Protective Eyewear (37115) Shatter Resistant, Polycarbonate Lenses With Anti-Scratch Coating for Longer Life. Gel-Like Non-Silicone for Exceptional Comfort. 99% UV Protection for Outdoor Use. Used Specifically for Limited Eye and Face Protection Against Flying Particles. 3M White Grease (08875) Long-Lasting, Non-Silicone Lubrication. Used Specifically for Metal-to-Metal Lubrication Such as Chains, Gears and Hinges. 3M Spray Lube (08878) Clear, Flowable, High-Performance, Non-Silicone Grease. Used Specifically for Hinges, Seat Tracks and Under-Hood Locations Where High Temperatures are Encountered. 3M 4-Way Spray Lubricant & Penetrant (08898) A 4-in-1 General Purpose Spray Material Which Contains No Silicone. Used Specifically for Protecting Hand Tools, Power Tools and sSmall Machinery From Corrosion. 3M Glass Cleaner (08888) Non-Streaking Aerosol Glass Cleaner. Used Specifically for Windshields, Mirrors and Side Glass. Can Also be Used on Automotive Vinyl, Interior Plastic Trim and Clear Plastic.