Scotch-Brite Brake Hub Sanding Discs

$23.31 / Pack of 10

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Item number: 3M7546

Scotch-Brite “Roloc” Brake Hub Sanding Discs

  • Extremely tough
    three-dimensional web contains no wire filaments
  • Use of this product
    eliminates the potential for injury from flying wires, thus improving
    Technicians safety
  • This product removes rust and
    corrosion without excessive metal removal or gouging of the metal
  • Helps to maintain AOEM
    surface milling marks
  • Cleans area fast while
    protecting wheel stud threads
  • Color:  Purple

This cleaning product for brake hubs (that is, wheel-bearing
hubs) is specifically designed to remove rust and corrosion from the various metal surfaces
that come into contact with one another during disc brake application.