3M Organic Vapor Cartridge, 2 Per Package

$10.67 / Each

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Item number: 3M7046

3M Organic Vapor Cartridge,  2 Per Package

  • Sold By The Pack (2 each)
  • 30 Packs Per Case

For Use on All 3M Low Maintenance and Durable Facepiece Respirators With Bayonet Style Attachment. Trapezoid Design Allows for Low Swept Back Positioning of the Cartridge
for Unobstructed Vision. Filters Can Be Attached to This Cartridge Using the 07054 Retainers. This Cartridge, When Used With 3M Low
Maintenance Half and Full Facepieces, and 3M Durable Half Facepieces With Bayonet Style Attachment, Provides Respiratory Protection From Certain Organic Vapors.