3M Overspray Protective Sheeting, 16″ x 350′

$59.07 Box Plus $12.50 Freight*

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Item number: 3M6728

3M Overspray Protective Sheeting, 16″(406.4mm)(406.4mm) x 350′

High-Density, Tear-Resistant, Clear Durable Film That is Treated for Excellent Paint Overspray Adhesion. Sixteen Foot Accommodates Larger Sedans, Mini- Vans, Small Pick Up Trucks, and SUVs. Use With Masker PN
06780. * Thicker Film now 0.4 mil* Better Cling to the Vehicle* No Longer Has Center Seam* Print Moved to the Center of Film* Better Corona Treatment
for Enhanced Paint Overspray Anchorage.