3M Automotive Attachment Tape, White, 7/8″ x 20 Yd, 45 Mil

$57.51 / Roll

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Item number: 3M6381

3M Automotive Attachment Tape,  White, 7/8″(22.23mm) x 20 Yd, 45 Mil

  • Sold Individually (one roll)
  • 12 Rolls Per Case

3M Automotive Attachment Tape 06381 is a . 045″(1143mm) Thick, Medium-Density White Acrylic Foam Tape With High Performance Acrylic Adhesives on Both Sides and a Red Release Liner. 3M Automotive Attachment Tape 06381 Uses Automotive OEM (Original
Equipment Manufacturer) Approved Acrylic Foam Core and Adhesive Technology. 06381 is Characterized by High Peel and Shear Adhesion, High Internal Strength, High Conformability and Excellent Plasticizer Resistance. Typical Applications Would Include Body Side Moldings, Rocker Panel Trim, Claddings, Bumper Ttrim and Other Automotive Trim Components.