3M High Performance Welding Drape, 57″ x 80″

$223.47 / Each

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Item number: 3M5919

3M High Performance Welding Drape, 57″(1447.8mm)(1447.8mm) x 80″(2032mm)(2032mm)

Unique Fabric That Provides the Ultimate Protection From Welding Spatter and Grinding Sparks. Unlike Other Fire Resistant Blankets
the 3M High Performance Welding Drape Can Take Extreme Heat, Sparks and Spatter, and Not Burn Through.With the Heavy-Duty Burn Resistance Comes Increased Wear-N-Tear Resistance and Extended Life. The Drape is Half the Weight of Conventional Blankets Making it Very Easy to Handle. To Hold in Place Simply Tape the Drape to the Vehicle With Masking Tape, Eliminating the Need
for Metal Grommets and Magnets That Can Cause Scratches to Painted Surfaces.
The Drape Easily Shakes or Brushes Clean, Keeping it Scratch-Free.