9″ Superbuff Buffing Pad

$30.96 / Each

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Item number: 3M5700

9″(228.6mm) Superbuff Buffing Pad

A 100%, Double Sided, Wool Pad. This Pad Has Untwisted Yarn Construction, Which Allows
for More Surface Contact, While Giving Excellent Cut and Finish.
Excellent for all Paints and Clears.3M Superbuff Budffing Pads are Double Sided Pads Designed for Compounding Gelcoat and Marine Paints. Constructed of Wool With a Built in Light Weight Support Pad. 3M Superbuff Adapter (05710) Fits These Pads to all Standard (5/8″(15.88mm) Shaft) Slow Speed Polishers.